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Online Anniversary Party Invitations

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Digital Anniversary Party Invitations for Modern Couples

  1. Anniversary Party Invitations
  2. Anniversary Party Invitations
  3. Anniversary Party Invitations

Greenvelope creates seamless correspondence between you and your guests by offering a lovely selection of designs and event-specific functionality, creating the perfect marriage of traditional appearance with contemporary delivery.

Our elegant anniversary party invitations can be tailored to match each couple’s design preference. Your stationery is delivered directly to your guest’s inbox in our animated envelope with personalized address and stamp, leaving you additional time to plan the perfect event.

Enjoy Matching Online Envelopes and
Your Feature-Rich Details Panel

People will be directed to your optional details panel after viewing your card.

  • Play Music
  • Hotel Information
  • Google Maps
  • Add Links
  • Calendar Links
  • Upload Files
  • Integrate Photos
  • Make-Your-Own Section
  • Gift Registries
  • and more...
Please Enjoy this Greenvelope Sample

Advanced Guest List Management

specific functionality makes organizing your online guest list clear and efficient.

guest list organization

Always keep your finger on the pulse of your event by collecting detailed RSVP information from your guests.

survey questions

Greenvelope offers many features to ensure guests receive your invitations and RSVP in a timely manner.

  • send in batches Send in Batches You can add guests to your event at any time and send invitations in multiple batches.
  • delivery optimizer Delivery Optimizer You can automatically re-send invitations to your guests who have not opened their card to help increase open rates.
  • auto reminders Auto Reminders Quickly schedule reminders asking your guests to RSVP or let them know that your event date is approaching.

Conveniently keep all event communications in one place by sending and receiving messages from your message center.


Making A Difference

By creating a positive online experience, we hope more hosts will consider sending invitations electronically for formal events – to help save trees, time, and money. To express our commitment towards this goal, we donate a percentage of every sale to Mountains to Sound, a non-profit organization that maintains forests. Together we can "invite" a greener future.
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Fully Customizable Designs

  • Each template has a pre-formatted wording template that matches your selected design. These wording templates can be completely changed, but serve as a starting point to get the creative juices flowing.
  • Add multiple text boxes to a card to perfectly space your important verbiage.
  • Choose from 30+ beautiful fonts, customized text colors, line spacing, and size with our advanced card builder.
  • Add multiple photographs or logos to any design for added personalization.
  • Move and rotate photos to the desired location on your card for the perfect placement.
  • All envelopes are personalized with the recipients’ names on the front.
  • Match the envelope text, color, lining, and style to your card with total control.
  • Choose from one of our template stamps or upload a customized stamp image to give your envelope an added flair.
  • Add links to any selection of text or image on your card. In addition, you may want to create a link to a specific area of the card.
  • Link an external website to create a seamless transition to your matching website.
  • Our users are no longer limited to choosing from template design options.
  • Any user can upload a design to the system and take advantage of our guest list management, sending, and RSVP tracking features.
  • Every design will be delivered using our electronic envelope, which can be customized to your needs.

Handpicked Stationery Design from Artists Around the World

All of our templates are hand picked by our in-house design staff who work with stationers, graphic artists, and painters across the world to bring you the finest and most contemporary online anniversary invitations.
Meet our Designers
    • Provide your colors and our design team will
      customize this template to match your event.
Open the Full Design Explorer >

Favorite this Design for Later

* You will have the option to fully customize the envelope, background and most card text.
* While the default text for cards is currently in English, please keep in mind you will be able to customize the text to Dutch on the next step!

The Ultimate Guest Experience

  • personalized digital envelope Personalized Envelope
    to Every Guest
  • no advertisements We Never Display
  • web mobile tablet support Full Support for Web,
    Mobile and Tablet
  • guest list privacy Your Guest List Stays
    100% Private


Send greeting cards to up to 10 people for free in trial mode.
Any mailing or invitation sent to more than 10 people will require an upgrade.
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  1. Package Size Price
  2. Up to 20 People / Mailing
  3. Up to 40 People / Mailing
  4. Up to 60 People / Mailing
  5. Up to 80 People / Mailing
  6. Up to 100 People / Mailing
  7. Up to 120 People / Mailing
  8. Up to 140 People / Mailing
  9. Up to 160 People / Mailing
  10. Up to 180 People / Mailing
  11. Up to 200 People / Mailing
  12. Up to 225 People / Mailing
  13. Up to 250 People / Mailing
  14. Up to 300 People / Mailing
  15. Up to 350 People / Mailing
  16. Up to 400 People / Mailing
  17. Up to 450 People / Mailing
  18. Up to 500 People / Mailing
  19. Up to 600 People / Mailing
  20. Up to 700 People / Mailing
  21. Up to 800 People / Mailing
  22. Up to 900 People / Mailing
  23. Up to 1000 People / Mailing
  24. Up to 1250 People / Mailing
  25. Up to 1500 People / Mailing
  26. Up to 1750 People / Mailing
  27. Up to 2000 People / Mailing
  28. Up to 2250 People / Mailing
  29. Up to 2500 People / Mailing
  30. Up to 2750 People / Mailing
  31. Up to 3000 People / Mailing
  32. Up to 3250 People / Mailing
  33. Up to 3500 People / Mailing
  34. Up to 3750 People / Mailing
  35. Up to 4000 People / Mailing
  36. Up to 4250 People / Mailing
  37. Up to 4500 People / Mailing
  38. Up to 4750 People / Mailing
  39. Up to 5000 People / Mailing
  40. Up to 5500 People / Mailing
  41. Up to 6000 People / Mailing
  42. Up to 6500 People / Mailing
  43. Up to 7000 People / Mailing
  44. Up to 7500 People / Mailing
  45. Up to 8000 People / Mailing
  46. Up to 8500 People / Mailing
  47. Up to 9000 People / Mailing
  48. Up to 9500 People / Mailing
  49. Up to 10000 People / Mailing
  50. Up to 12500 People / Mailing
  51. Up to 15000 People / Mailing
  52. Up to 17500 People / Mailing
  53. Up to 20000 People / Mailing
  54. Up to 22500 People / Mailing
  55. Up to 25000 People / Mailing

Included with all memberships (Unlimited* Save The Date, Invitations, Thank You Notes, Announcements, and Holiday Cards)

  • Track RSVPs and Registrations
  • Easy Contact Importing
  • Guest List Privacy
  • Survey Questions
  • Messaging Center
  • Calendar & Map Integration
  • Automated Event Reminders
  • Live Chat, Email, Phone Support
  1. Package Size Price
  2. Up to 50 People / Mailing / Year
  3. Up to 150 People / Mailing / Year
  4. Up to 250 People / Mailing / Year
  5. Up to 500 People / Mailing / Year
  6. Up to 1000 People / Mailing / Year
  7. Up to 2000 People / Mailing / Year
  8. Up to 3000 People / Mailing / Year
  9. Up to 4000 People / Mailing / Year
  10. Up to 5000 People / Mailing / Year
  11. Up to 7500 People / Mailing / Year
  12. Up to 10000 People / Mailing / Year
  13. Up to 12500 People / Mailing / Year
* Event hosts purchasing an annual unlimited membership are able to create unlimited mailings/events as long as each mailing is for a unique purpose. View terms

Add Custom Design Services (Optional)

  • Custom Color Change** Turnaround time: 1 business day | Revisions: 2 *

    Purchase a color customization service and we will change the elements of one of our templates to the perfect color for you.

    View Sample
  • Custom Text Adjustment Turnaround time: 1 business day | Revisions: 2 *

    With a text layout adjustment, just send along your invitation wording and our designers will adjust fonts, sizing, and spacing for maximum style and legibility.

    View Sample
  • Custom Custom Wax Seal Turnaround time: 1 business day | Revisions: 2 *

    Need a different graphic incorporated into your wax seal? Purchase a wax seal adjustment service and one of our talented designers will create a new wax seal impression. Send along the specifics of your vision, including colors and high resolution imagery, and we’ll adjust our wax seal to meet your needs.

    View Sample
  • Custom Fully Custom Design Turnaround time: 5 business days | Revisions: 2 *

    Work with our designers to create an invitation or card design from scratch. Send along your specific vision and wording and our designers will create a template that is perfectly suited to you. Advanced designwork or hand-done art falls under a fully custom design service.

    View Sample
  • Custom Fully Custom Lining Turnaround time: 5 business days | Revisions: 2 *

    Have a specific vision for the liner of your envelope? Purchase a custom liner design service and one of our talented designers will create a custom envelope liner from scratch.

    View Sample

* Revisions include basic changes such as color and font. Major adjustments or a design rework outside of standard revisions will be billed as additional design time.
After two rounds of revisions, additional design time is billed at $75/hour of work.

** Some templates are not eligible for all design services. If a designer determines work cannot be completed on the selected design, a full refund will be processed.

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